sábado, abril 07, 2012

Kill your superego

Real beauty has no religion, no god, no color, no right or wrong. Real beauty is an involuntary reaction of pleasure to sensorial stimulation. So stop repressing yourselves to the point of romantic idealism and start enjoying things out of the obvious. Mostly: stop asking me why I never describe anything as disgusting or morbid, because the smell of mold in a close mind is the only thing that could ever make me want to puke.

P.s.: I mean, really! People are so full of hypocritical tabus and moralism, they can't see the beauty in their own bodies, in their nails, genitalias, ears, anus, noses, hair, fluids, veins, wounds, without finding it awkwardly unconfortble... we are all heaven of criation and criative potential! Please! That's why art exists, to make people understand, not to shock!

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