segunda-feira, junho 18, 2012

Good morning beautifull

I'm the kind of person that gets easily used to pain. Perhaps even addicted to it. My mental agony is a vital part of my life, of my filosofy. I fear to let it fade. So whenever I realize it's gone, I drawn my finger inside the wounds, untill all memories emerge as fresh as a punch in the stomach and one more time I'm able to foster the pain inside my heart.

It's not depression... but not everybody understands that what hurts the most, are also the most beautifull things I can remember.

3 comentários:

King of Sharks disse...

Someone like you, and all you know, and how you speak

Martini disse...

oh now you rised position as king among world sharks?
what an improve! XD

W.W.Shark disse...

Nope... it was just a joke with the "Kings of Leon".
I'm only this weird white shark with eye liners.
The majesty still yours, Sun Goddess.