domingo, setembro 23, 2012

"I'm here" sounds so cruel.

So tonight after my cursed job at the mall, I decided to have a quick look at Saraiva book store, trying to full myself that I was naive enough to think I wouldn't spend the money I earned today... Anyway... I did it, and I got traped at home, and obviously I ended up in front of the computer with my blond, blue eyed skinny bike rider anti-hero, finding out new ways to deal with distance, giving each others a google maps tour along our respective cities (including our streets, favorite bars and night clubs, of course).
It's... it's just silly to realize how nice it is beeing able to contextualize our daily rotines to a concrete visual memorie. It's also consuming how intense and slow we've been bounding trough the days and how important this details were to each other tonight. As soon as I blink again, I'll be walking among this cold gray and square roofs city, giving it a little bit of my brazilian spontaneous energy - eventough I know he has it double.

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