segunda-feira, abril 08, 2013

A day between me, him and other 50 shades of mimimis

(I chose this picture 'cause it was the only one he was not making weird faces)

It all began with a naive chat, hiding the real intentions behind each word, trying to avoid faith in such a remote possibility... It all began with a lucky shot motivated by pure admiration, and who could ever tell it would take us both to an unexpected and brand new espectrum of fellings.
I find myself in this complete egoistic feeling of pride and love for having found a person that is willing to give himself to someone he loves, as much as I am... and as much as I once gave. A person that craves for the need of understanding before any kind of judgement; that is unable to put pride in front of reason; that is passionate to what he does; that is always searching for ways to please me, to cheer me up whenever I have a chemical or emotional break down under all the stress, instead of taking it personaly; that is wise and cultured enough to make coherent and enriching comentaries or questions to every subjects I bring up to conversation; that had so many alike experiences in life and DID learned from them, in a way he can share them to help me pass trough my own; that is not one bit shallow and is able to sacrifice a little bit of his time for my wellfare; that is not attached to all these stupid sexist sthereotypes; that makes no psycological games to benefit his own interests... And I don't say this as a way to show up, because HE knows I'm willing to find my way to be all of this for him as well.
(grrr, me and my fetishes)

Dude! I finally found a partner who can actually teach me things instead of promissing the ocean and giving me a few drops along a complete sensacionalist marketing speach to avoid charges of any kind. I almost have this pretencion to think that, since i sufered so many injustice and unfair exposure from my personal life because of a foolish and imature relationship, I was given the chance to work out with a real man and to have the literal european love story movie, full of those tricky subjectivities, distorced angles and blury memories in old colors - we have it all, sometimes even the Eiffel Tower as background. No more american teenage drama with unsatisfatory ends.

It doesn't matter how long it lasts, everything is part of the process, of this great and unlikely life I'm having. Full of uncertainties, possible endings and new beginings. And right now, all I want to do is to thanx this moderfucking awesome monster with fancy accent, for all the suport and love he has been givin me... despite the distance... and my instability.

The importance you have to me is not describable in a moment of anxiety and passion, and it doesn't deserve  either to be taken as a comparison to asure myself upona a turbulent past. You are to me a lifetime reference.

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