quarta-feira, setembro 17, 2014


Myself as the third element
The uninvited fly, buzzing around their bodies
Listening to a complicity of feelings I wont ever belong to
Feelings I don’t even care to make part of
Myself as a servant of alien lust
Diminished to a house pet by the door, as they talk frivolities to my forgotten presence
A passive watcher of the world I once longed for
Lost in total neglect of desire
Pretending joy and welcoming arms around their intimacy
Myself as the expecting blade behind their back
Ready to pierce the pale cloak of their perishing grace
Baring the shameful and humiliating position of a mere acessory, strengthening my depraved fantasies, long buried inside a dark place called sanity

4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

I'll walk with you
Through space and time
And when sleep is near
I will fold you in
I'll disappear with you
In clear blue flames
And when our time arrives
We will slide through space


Anônimo disse...

And I'll sleep in the sea
And I'll wait there beneath the mud
And forgotten dreams and disease
And what's the secret I'll drain from your soul
And sweet is the sugar I'll drink from your skull
And where is the wound that shines the blue light
And who is the dead man my body made love to last night?


Anônimo disse...

Você tem um corpo muito bonito!

Martini disse...

obrigada pelas músicas, mas sinto um dever ser sincera: não gostei delas :D

and oh... obrigada pelo elogio sobre 1/5 de mim. :D