sexta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2012

The value of random thoughts

Wondering about one of the latest conversations I had back on Facebook, about religion and science, I decided to put into words a little piece of my mind about this complex subject:

"Transcending the obvious conclusions to the borderline of all human knowledge, there is chaos: the only place one really evolves. That’s because, if we don’t reach this level of conscience, we might live ages consuming our own limited reality understanding, trying to find reasonable ways to wide our perspectives inside one dimension of the multiple existing realities, without getting close to anything like an unified theory. It’s like trying to calculate the edges of an egg. Scientific rigor can be as inefficient as religious fanaticism. You can’t put your trust only in numbers, once numbers are controlled by human theories.
So transcend, and find your own reality where everything makes sense, without making sense at all. Learn to have faith in your intuitions, because I assure you they are not a simple matter of brain functions, it’s where your essence lays closer to the source. Once you had this insight, than it’s the right time to put it into numbers, words, signs, or anything that can be assimilated by the rest of us.
I say chaos exactly because the universe (or whatever we can call it) depends on each one of us to exist, and there is nothing more chaotic than the complexity of variety."

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