terça-feira, outubro 30, 2012

Brutal hypocrisy

"When you depersonalize another person, and view them as just an object, uh, an object for pleasure, instead of a living, breathing human being, uh… it, it… seems to make it easier… to, uh… do things you shouldn’t do.”
J. Dahmer

We have no real domain under human nature, and everything we create to keep a certain control, is nothing but a convenient fear system for the ones that hold power and money. The world spins around our sick individuality, shalow needs and consequent submission to a flawed system. In my opinion it's no monstruosity to treat people like objects, but how you take advantage on it.

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Enio Luiz Vedovello disse...

Trying to control nature is useless.
But we keep trying. Yes, when they can, people feel strong. But this is not real strength.