quinta-feira, abril 04, 2013

FOOD! (Everybody read this!)

I just came across a website of a guy that replaced regular food diet, to a balanced cocktail containing all essencial nutrients to our body! This is simply fantastic and exciting and way more efficient than that human ration some nutricionists came up with a couple of years ago, in this same logic... but somehow it didn't work out so well (now I wonder why).
Anyway, for me this a kickstarter for a complete revolution and a complete reconfigured economical system. Yes: food, just like any other basic phisiological need, has the power to change society from the poorest social esphere, to the highest one (that will make anything to avoid this to ever happen).
Unfortunatly, we still have a strong cultural impasse. Food culture is still too strong in our society, and it chains toguether all the most profitable industries in the world. Nothing gathers more establishments than food industry. Everywhere there will be tousands of groceries stores, super markets, restaurants of any kind: from food kiosks to fast food restaurants, convenience stores and coffee shops. Along this sight, we know also that industrialized food and tap water are filled with chemical substances that end up making all of us ill, destabelizing our body and mind, turning us more vulnerable to pathogens. Pharmaceutic industry is just the other side of the same coin. It keeps a vast quantity of medications made to stop symptoms of any expecific condition, but in the other hand, they weaken the body as well. And that's why we end up having such a large espectrum of illness and health complications that can easily be related to our food habits and medicine side effects.

But if the nutricional cocktail could be successefully implemented worldwide, we could break the chain. We would be healthier, desieses would become rarer, food problem in poor countries would be way easier to solve, enviromental impact would decrease, animals would be spared from their torturous lifes and sad faith, the volume of trash coming from food would decrease, polution from factories would decrease, people would save more money, economy would change drasticaly. All of this, not to mention the long term changes in our body, in our minds, in our culture!

Ok, ok....

Before I get too excited and travel too far in space time, you should read these articles (linked right below) and come to your own conclusions. See if all these changes don't worth the decline of pleasures such as eating unhealthy thow tasty food all the time.

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