sexta-feira, abril 05, 2013

Vulgarized art, in the name of consumerism

Sooooo. I've noticed troughout the years that movies and advertesing videos are very likely to make use of classical pieces (mostly already esthereotyped ones) to strengh the concept of their brands or to inspire  fellings, ideas and all this blablablas we're all used to. The thing that upsets me the most, is to realize people, in a general basis, can recognize most of this classical pieces, but barely none can name them or their composers (luckly it's not the case of the reduced social group I interact with). So I decided to make a little list of very cliche songs (nonetheless beautifull ones), that I'm sure everybody will identify, with the pourpose of giving you people the chance to apreciate it solely and to give them the right value. (If anyone recalls some other exemple that fit this list, let me know... I didn't put 'Claire de Lune', 'For Elise' and 'Spring' because... well, just because)


(Can't tell for sure how many times i've listened to it)

(Every fucking sun rise)

(Oh yeah, you also know him better for the Barber of Seville, performed by Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker)

(Cartoons, movies, comercials... you name it, they all had a piece of it)

(My favorite Beethoven symphony... a little doomed because of it's subtle dramaticity. You migh know it from a couple of movies)

(Rachmaninoff alonside Bugs Bunny and Tom, are really great interpreters of Liszt)

(Featured in some tense sequences of action in movies like Apocalypse Now and... Valkyrie)

(Disney Fantasia 2000 and graduations cerimonies, for starters)

(Jérémie doomed my head because of a 90's Chanel comercial where one of my most beloved pieces of Prokofiev were featured)

(From any creepy castle introduction or vampire with an organ)

(Whatelse would any person with a cello play in a movie or series anyway?)

Só de zua (XDDD)

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Anônimo disse...

Wonderfully used in John Boorman's Excalibur.

Anônimo disse...

(the 2nd evangelion movie, battle royal, etc.)

Anônimo disse...

(eyes wide shut and random insurance advertisings)

Anônimo disse...

And this is what Kubrick said to interviewer Michel Ciment about his use of classical and contemporary musics:

"Exclude a pop music score from what I am about to say. However good our best film composers may be, they are not a Beethoven, a Mozart or a Brahms. Why use music which is less good when there is such a multitude of great orchestral music available from the past and from our own time? When you're editing a film, it's very helpful to be able to try out different pieces of music to see how they work with the scene. This is not at all an uncommon practice. Well, with a little more care and thought, these temporary music tracks can become the final score."

Martini disse...

You're from far the most recognizable anonymous ever.

INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS, I'm cracking my ass off with this one!

I'm just not sure about Wagner beeing one of these exemples... it's a little bit more "underground"... even if it's really recognizable in the dramatic climax. I just think you can't tell anymore wether something is common or not... because you already know too much.