quinta-feira, abril 04, 2013

Recalling what makes me happy

 Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies colision result after 10 gigayears (the earth has only 3 gyrs).

(You have to see it through the link since the videos from NS got into conflict)
Scientists, for years, have been having problems to understand how the moon was created, since in all their previous theories' simulations with major space objects colisions, the results would imply moon was mostly formed from the third body matter (wich is not the case). With the new theory of a fast spinning earth coliding with a smaller object, simulations resulted to be way more suitble to reality.

Basicaly one of my most beloved videos on internet, and simulations.

And for the end: Space Engine 0.97!! I didn't find it to download yet, unfortunatly. If you don't know what's Space Engine, I recomend you to check out this video:

Oooooook. Good night you two guys who ended up reading me for accident, and you also my dear stalker.
It's my time to go. Hope you enjoyed it (no I don't)...
( '_' )

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